Good Morning!

KAYT 88.1 Alexandria & Jena, 92.5 Sherevport, 98.9 Monroe, Towers are down today.  They will also be down on tomorrow as well.  You will not be able to hear the show on the radio, but it will definitely be streaming online!

Click on  or got to http://KAYTFM.comor Cut and Paste! Whatever works best for you!On tomorrow's show we will have The father of Robert Ricks, Lawrrence Ricks, and much much more!  So have your laptops and desktops ready!If you missed the show on yesterday, there is a link on the Eye's Open Website where you can listen online.  There will also be a link to listen the show on tomorrow this weekend.

Be Safe
God Bless
Come Clean, or Stay Away Nasty!

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